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Coffee in Rome

Coffee, and I mean great coffee, is on every street corner, available in every bar and café in Rome. They call it some different names, so if you’re ordering coffee in Italy, keep these tips in mind:

“Un café” will get you a shot of espresso. It’s a strong, dark, and bitter shot of coffee. “Un café Americano” will get you a watered-down espresso. It’s as close to a regular cup of coffee as it gets, and then you can add sugar.

Don’t make the mistake of ordering “un latte,” because you will get a funny look, and then receive a warm cup of milk. That’s what latte is in Italian — milk. Instead, “un café macchiato” is coffee with a stain of milk. You can also order a cappuccino in Italy but only do so in the mornings for breakfast. The Italians believe that the milk will fill you up, so you don’t want to drink in the afternoon. Otherwise, you won’t be hungry.

Another excellent coffee drink is “un café shakirato.” It’s a shot of espresso, lightly sweetened and shaken with ice until it’s all foamy on top.

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