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Scooters in Rome

In Rome, scooters are a part of the culture, as familiar as pizza and gelato. A lot of people use them in cities because the traffic is so awful. Roman motorini often swerve into oncoming traffic to beat slower moving vehicles. Moped drivers see red lights as more of a suggestion than a rule and believe crosswalks and sidewalks are just as well suited for scooters as they are for pedestrians. Looking for a designated scooter lane? Any space between two cars is fair game. Rome ranks among the cities with the most registered scooters in the world. With congested traffic and little parking, it’s no wonder that the motorini has found such a devoted following in the Eternal City. Now, Romans don’t even need their own bikes to start scootering: They can get on the back of someone else’s. A new service, called Scooterino, matches riders with spare back seats with people going in the same direction.

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