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The Hungarian Parliament

Standing on the banks of the Danube, in Budapest’s Pest district, Hungary’s Parliament Building has been witness to some of the country’s most pivotal moments over the last 200 years. Work began in 1885; the building’s inauguration was held in 1896 (the 1000th anniversary of Hungary) and the Parliament Building was finished in 1902. The Hungarian Parliament is the country’s largest building, Budapest’s tallest, and the third largest parliament building in the world. Inside its grand walls there are 691 rooms, 10 courtyards and 12.5 miles worth of stairs. Architecturally, the building is in the Gothic Revival style with a Renaissance Revival style dome. Located in central Budapest, guided tours allow visitors to explore the Main Staircase, the Old Upper House Hall and the Lounge, as well as see the coronation jewels.

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