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The best souvenirs in Budapest

1. Hungarian paprika. Paprika is the best souvenir bet for food lovers. It’s easy to find and inexpensive plus it’s Hungary’s national spice and used just about everywhere in Hungarian cuisine.
2. Hungarian wine. It’s easy to find quality wines at wine shops and liquor stores in Budapest. Also, Hungary has 22 distinct wine regions and offers the full range, including reds, whites, roses, and sparkling wines.
3. Palinka. It is the generic name for a fiery-strong fruit brandy and also a universal specialty throughout Hungary,
4. Handmade embroidery. Due to a vibrant cultural heritage, Hungarians are incredibly proud of their needlework
5. Hand-painted porcelain. If you are into porcelain, it will be a known fact for you that Hungary produces one of the world’s most sought-after ceramics.

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