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In Argentina, meals are an important affair. Large families along with friends and neighbors enjoy each other’s company all the more with a delicious feast to share, giving rise to the asado tradition. The asado takes its origin from the Spanish word asar, meaning to grill. In other words, the asado is a barbecue, in the manner of Argentina. It is no secret that a tasty and fulfilling meal lends both satisfaction and general cheer to any occasion, and Argentines share this celebration as frequently as possible. For many families, this means dinner every Sunday with an asado. The particular technique used for asado differs by region, but also by the size of the gathering, which tools and fuels are available, and the preferences of the cook, or asador. For large gatherings, whole carcasses may be cooked for the al asador, meaning staked over coals or fire and cooked to perfection. At smaller gatherings, or for asadores, the asado is cooked on a grill.