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Fresh seafood

In the Cook Islands, fresh seafood flavors and savory spices create some of the most delicious dishes. Foods such as rori, banana poke, and sashimi are all known for being….

Cook Islands Music

The Polynesian roots of the Cook Islands create a magical atmosphere through traditional songs and dancing. Traditional dance is the most prominent art form of the Cook Islands. Each island….

Clear waters

In the Cook Islands, relaxing on a beach is a perfect way to unwind on vacation and the beaches are open to everyone and are free to explore. There are….


Does the sound of relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand make you smile? If so, you may want to check out the Cook Islands. Stunning sunsets, clear….


If you’re a seafood lover, the Cook Islands may be the perfect vacation destination for you. From fresh fish sandwiches to sashimi, these islanders are known for their delicious seafood…..

Island Food

What is the best meal you have had on vacation? Trying local food in a new country is a great way to experience the culture firsthand. The Cook Islands’ cuisine….


In Rarotonga Cook Islands, fruit is a very important part of the diet for the locals. All over the island, there are fruit stands along the side of the road….

Romantic Getaways

Getaways with the person you love are an experience unlike any other and the Cook Islands are an amazing place to bring together romance, relaxation, and fun. From adventurous activities….