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Fuvahmulah is widely considered the most beautiful of all the Maldivian islands. The island is geographically small, yet it’s home to various ecosystems ranging from tropical woodlands and wetlands, freshwater….

Culture of the Maldives

Steeped in rich culture and tradition, the Maldives culture is heavily shaped by Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Arab, Persian, Indonesian, and even African influences. Maldivians are incredibly warm, welcoming, and….


While it’s easy to imagine the Maldives as a remote destination with only a few luxury resorts scattered about, the capital city of Malé is quite the opposite. High-rise hotels….

Journey to the Maldives

In a world where our desire to travel seems to outweigh our total vacation days, multiple short weekend trips are being replaced by extending, multi-destination vacations. Traveling to the Maldives….