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Hockey Hall Of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a museum located in Toronto dedicated to the history of ice hockey. It features exhibits about players, teams, National Hockey League (NHL) records, memorabilia,….

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are a stunning display of mother nature’s beauty and force. The falls are actually composed of three waterfalls, the America Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe….

Toronto Zoo

Since 1974, the Toronto Zoo has been home to over 16,000 animals of approximately 500 different species. It is the largest zoo in Canada, stretching over 710 acres of land…..


Toronto is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with no shortage of things to see and do all year long. The city plays host to multiple events and festivals that bring in….

Maple Syrup

Few things taste as good together as pancakes and maple syrup. A sweet, fluffy package topped with warm syrup is the type of food you crave and simply has no….

Toronto Winters

Winter in Toronto is a magical time. The city lights glisten off the iced-over treetops as this bustling metropolis transforms into a winter wonderland. The Toronto Light Festival provides the….

Toronto Islands

The city of Toronto sits along the coast of Lake Ontario and has 26 miles of coastline. Just south of the mainland off the coast are 15 small islands known….

CN Tower

The CN Tower in downtown Toronto is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and offers a central navigation point no matter where you are in the city…..

Toronto Breweries

The Toronto brewery scene might be relatively new when compared to other cities, but it’s certainly made a name for itself. In what is unofficially known as the Ale Yards,….


Toronto is the only Canadian city that is home to seven major league sports, and the Rogers Centre is the first stadium in the world to have a fully retractable….

Toronto Blue Jays

Baseball is not just America’s favorite pastime, it’s Canada’s as well. The country is deeply rooted in MLB history, the Toronto Blue Jays played their first game on April 7,….

Cold In Canada

When you think of Canada, you probably picture blankets of snow and cold winters. Depending on where you go, you’re not entirely wrong. Toronto is located just across Lake Ontario….

Scarborough Bluffs

Just a short drive outside of Toronto, you’ll find beautiful natural landscapes that will make you feel far away from city life. Along the eastern banks of Lake Ontario are….

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey in Canada is practically a religion. The country is even considered to be the birthplace of the sport. Cold winters were never an excuse to stay inside, and….