Exotic drinks

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After a long flight to Fiji to start your vacation, it’s time to trade rooftop happy hour for exotic drinks with an ocean view. Get a taste of island life with custom cocktails made from local ingredients. Indulge in the flavors of Fiji as you sip a refreshing drink straight from a coconut while walking along a white sandy beach. Here are a few drinks to try during your time on the island. Kava, a key part of the Fijian culture, is made from ground-up Yaqona root mixed with water. Fiji Gold or Fiji Bitter, are both local beers brewed in Fiji and available in the supermarkets. Bu, or coconut as the locals call it; just ask for one at the local resort bar. Cocktails and mocktails made with the best tropical fruit available, are also easy to find at any resort bar. Similar to the local beer, Fiji also makes fine rum, such as the brands Bounty Rum and Ratu Rum.