Golden Gate Bridge

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Few bridges are as well known as the Golden Gate Bridge. When it was completed in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge spanned 4,200 feet, making it the longest suspension bridge in the world. Many believed building a bridge over the bay was impossible due to the strong current, deep water, and high winds. On the bridge’s opening day, approximately 200,000 people crossed the bridge on foot, many competing to be the first to walk, run, bike, or push a stroller across the bridge. The burnt orange color of the bridge was originally just intended to be a primer, the Navy had lobbied for the bridge to be painted blue and yellow. Once the reddish color primer was applied to the steel, it was then decided that the bridge would remain that color, which is now officially known as International Orange. A trip across the Golden Gate Bridge will take you from the city of San Francisco to Marin County, where you can find incredible views of the city and bay below.