Iguazu Falls

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Situated in Iguazu National Park, some 20 km from Puerto Iguazú in the north of the province of Misiones, Argentina, the Iguazu Falls are shared by Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu river is born in Parana state in Brazil, and after crossing 1,200 km on a plateau, it reaches a fault, forming a crack in the interleaved layers of sandstone and basalt where the river runs. The area around the Iguazú Falls was once the home to many tribes, one of which tells a tale steeped in tribal folklore of the creation of the falls. According to the Guarani Tribe, a young girl would be chosen to be sacrificed every year to please the serpent god of the Iguassu River. One year, the girl was saved from the ritual by a boy and they tried to escape the serpent god but were caught. The serpent god turned the girl into the rock that lies above the Devil’s Throat on the Argentine side and the boy was transformed into a palm tree on the Brazilian side.