Lombard Street

It’s no secret that San Francisco is a hilly city with some seriously steep inclines. The famous Lombard Street is a prime example of just that, with a 27% grade on the hill. In 1922, it was determined that the street was too steep for most cars to drive straight up and down. It was then that the “crooked street in the world” was first designed. This single-block, one-way street, features eight very tight turns to ensure cars make it down the hill safely. While many tourists recognize Lombard Street as being the most crooked street, locals will argue something different. In Potrero Hill, Vermont Street is the local San Franciscan vote for being the “crookedest street in the world”. While Vermont Street is steeper, it has one less turn than Lombard, so there isn’t a definitive answer. One thing everyone can agree on is that a trip up the stairs that flanks the streets will leave your legs burning.

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