Lovo feast in Fiji

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During your vacation to Fiji, discover old traditions while making new memories. Take part in the vibrant and exciting Meke performance, which tells the legends of the islands. After, make your way to a lovo feast and get a taste of the traditional cuisine at this Fijian-style cookout. The term ‘lovo’ also refers to the underground oven that is used to cook the feast. This traditional technique involves digging a pit into the ground and placing hot coals inside. Various ingredients, from meat to vegetables and palusami (taro leaves filled with corned beef, onions, and coconut cream) are then wrapped up and placed over the coals. Everything from fish to chicken and pork can be cooked in a lovo and will also sometimes also be bundled up in banana leaves to retain their moisture. Once the food is inside, the pit is covered in banana leaves, soil, or potato sacks and left to slow cook for several hours.