Noodle dishes in the Philippines

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Noodles are a mainstay in the Philippines. Filipinos inherited a widely known Chinese cultural belief—on someone’s birthday, it is good luck for them to eat noodles. The lengthy noodles represent the threads of life and must be eaten without being cut in order to preserve the fortune of a long life. Some popular noodle dishes include:

Lomi – best eaten while steaming hot. It is a challenge to be able to finish eating before the bowl gets cold. To spice up the taste, depending on one’s preference, a mixture of soy sauce, calamansi juice and crushed fresh red chili peppers can be added to the dish as a condiment. The same soy sauce mixture can also be used as a dipping sauce for the meatballs, kikiam and pieces of meat.

Sotanghon – the noodles are called a similar name: sotanghon because of the popular dish of the same name made from them using chicken and wood ears.

Beef Mami – A noodle soup similar to the Chinese variety, with beef, pork, chicken, or wanton garnish and topped with chives. Usually thin egg noodles are used, but there are versions using flat rice noodles.