Sri Lankan Cuisine

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Does your family have a super-secret recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation, entrusted only to a select few who are permitted to bring it out of the vault? Maybe it was your great-grandmother’s chicken soup or your grandfather’s delicious dumpling recipe. Those recipes aren’t merely a list of ingredients, they represent an entire generation of meals and gatherings. Sri Lankans have a special relationship with their culinary traditions; they truly believe that food is life, and it has the power to heal. From the ingredient gathering to the preparation, cooking, and serving, the entire process is considered therapeutic, will contribute to one’s health, and most importantly, will help to heal the physical and mental parts of one’s body. So when you sit down to a traditional plate of Wambatu moju, Kukul mas curry, or coconut sambal, take note of the aromas, the spices, even the warmth of the food – It’s all designed to promote health and balance.