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Natadola Beach Fiji

Natadola Beach, located on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu, is the most beautiful white-sand beach in Fiji. Natadola’s lush beauty and variety of recreational activities, from snorkeling to horseback….


In Fiji, Cassava is a local crop that sustains most families in their livelihood and is a source of income for most rural farmers. It must first be peeled and….

Lovo feast in Fiji

During your vacation to Fiji, discover old traditions while making new memories. Take part in the vibrant and exciting Meke performance, which tells the legends of the islands. After, make….

Whales in Fiji

Since 2003, Fiji has been designated as a whale sanctuary due in large part to the thriving ocean ecosystem and deep waters around the islands. Time your trip with the….

Meke in Fiji

The indigenous Fijian culture is delightfully unique and welcoming. Join the locals in a popular performance called a meke, a traditional dance in Fiji that preserves the legends and tales….

Flights to Fiji

Fiji is a major travel hub for the South Pacific, and a popular stopover on many flights. Most direct flights to Fiji arrive from New Zealand, Australia, or Los Angeles,….

Turtle Island Fiji

Vacation in Fiji and this could be your view. Picture yourself lazily swinging in a hammock after a day of swimming with sea turtles, listening to the waves hit the….

Snorkeling in Fiji

Escape to the unexpected and discover a place unlike any other. The island nation of Fiji comprises over 300 islands and is surrounded by bright-blue waters, much like the color….

Banded Iguana

New friends are waiting to be made all across Fiji. Spend time reconnecting with nature and discovering the abundant and diverse wildlife that inhabit the islands. While you are there,….

Relax in Fiji

Disconnect from reality and escape to the unexpected. With over 300 islands, there is something for everyone in Fiji. Cruise around the tropical islands or relax on any of the….

Scuba diving in Fiji

Fiji’s scuba diving scene is renowned for its colorful soft corals, dramatic topography, typically clear water, and a great variety of reef fish. Fiji is also home to some of….

Exotic drinks

After a long flight to Fiji to start your vacation, it’s time to trade rooftop happy hour for exotic drinks with an ocean view. Get a taste of island life….