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Israeli History

Historical monuments, ancient ruins, and religious sites are scattered across Israel. Many of which date back thousands upon thousands of years. Since the beginning of its history, people have flocked….

Israeli History

No matter where you are from or what religion you believe in, Israel is a place of great historical significance. The country is home to some of the oldest ruins….

Sri Lanka’s name

Sri Lanka had five names before it became what it is today. The very first name was Lanka, a word that simply translated into the word “island” in Old Sinhalese…..

Japanese Language

For centuries the Japanese language existed solely as an oral language that was never written down. While the characters are similar to that of the Chinese language, the language itself….


The tradition of the geishas in Japan began in the early 18th century and is still carried on today. The original performers were men who would entertain clients through musical….


Hiroshima is a major city in Japan and is widely known as being the target for the first atomic bomb in WW2. Since then, Hiroshima has rebuilt itself into a….

Salzburg Cathedral

One of the most iconic buildings in Salzburg Austria is the cathedral. Originally constructed in 774 but rebuilt after a fire in 1181, the cathedral is one of Salzburg’s most….


The Mozartplatz is located in the center of Salzburg Austria’s Old Town, close to Residenzplatz and the Salzburg Cathedral. The statue, created by Ludwig Schwanthaler, was to be erected in….


Salzburg Austria is home to one of the world’s most famous composers of the classical era, Wolfgang Mozart. In his lifetime, he wrote 600+ musical compositions and is credited for….