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The ancient capital of Kyoto Japan offers numerous reasons to visit, from historical temples and colorful shrines to the traditional geisha culture. Kyoto is home to over 1,600 historic Buddhist….

Japanese Language

For centuries the Japanese language existed solely as an oral language that was never written down. While the characters are similar to that of the Chinese language, the language itself….


Sake is a trademark Japanese drink. Made from only four main ingredients, rice, yeast, koji, and water, sake is the perfect complement to most Japanese meals. The fermentation process and….

Japanese Cuisine

The city of Tokyo has the most top-rated restaurants in the world. Perhaps it is the local ingredients or the traditional styles of cooking, but after your first meal in….


Perhaps the most recognizable Japanese article of clothing, the kimono, has an ancient history dating over one thousand years old, beginning at the start of the Heian Period in 794…..


Whatever brings you to Japan, enjoying a piping hot bowl of ramen should be high on your to-do list. This delicious brothy noodle dish is a staple in Japanese culture…..

Sensoji Temple

Established in 645, the Sensoji Temple is the most famous Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The temple was built to honor the goddess of mercy, Kannon. Legend states that in 628,….


The tradition of the geishas in Japan began in the early 18th century and is still carried on today. The original performers were men who would entertain clients through musical….


Hiroshima is a major city in Japan and is widely known as being the target for the first atomic bomb in WW2. Since then, Hiroshima has rebuilt itself into a….

Japanese architecture

Traditional Japanese architecture is unmistakable in its thoughtful design and construction. Much of Japanese architecture, both new and old, is carefully laid out to incorporate the history and traditions of….

Mt. Fuji

No trip to Japan would be complete without at least a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. Japan’s tallest mountain is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by around….


Tokyo is a bustling and lively metropolitan city with a sense of excitement and wonder that is contagious. This vibrant city is not only the capital of Japan but also….