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Berns in Stockholm

Located at the center of Stockholm Sweden’s dynamic shopping and restaurant district, overlooking Berzelii Park and the Baltic Sea, Berns has been a hub of Stockholm’s entertainment scene for over….

Waffles in Sweden

Many people associate waffles with Belgium, but they do have a long culinary history in Sweden. Swedish waffles differ from their Belgian counterparts in that they are not as fluffy,….

Stockholm at night

In Stockholm Sweden, Gamla stan, the heart of the Old Town, is even more ravishing after dark than during the day. Beautifully lit, its streets are wonderful to explore. Elsewhere….

Swedish Lapland

The Swedish Lapland, near the huge and wild Sarek National Park, is crossed by the Royal Trail, which is 400-km long. In winter, the northern part of the trail is….


ABBA The Museum is a permanent exhibition in the brand new Swedish Music Hall of Fame on the island of Djurgården, a brisk walk, or a short bus or tram….

Winter in Stockholm

Stockholm Sweden is stunning throughout the year. However, for anyone visiting from southern locations, Sweden’s capital is a winter wonderland. The city stands on 14 of the roughly 30,000 islands….

Moose in Sweden

The summer population of moose in Sweden is estimated to be 300,000 to 400,000. Around 100,000 are shot in the annual hunt during autumn, and 100,000 calves are born each….

Dala Horse

In Stockholm Sweden, the Dala Horse (Dalahast) has become an iconic symbol. These traditional Dala Horses are lovingly handmade in Sweden using traditional techniques from craftsmen. Much work is involved….